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Florida Auto Insurance Coverage

No matter how great of a driving record you have, auto insurance is mandatory if you live in Florida. While you may never cause an accident on the streets of Central Florida, that doesn't mean that no one else could do so when you're on the road with them, thus getting yourself involved in an accident. You need to protect yourself, your loved ones and your vehicle by having at least the minimum amount of car insurance. Having higher coverage amounts, or policies besides the mandatory bodily injury coverage and property damage coverage, is advisable since you never know if the other driver is properly covered or not.

Although many people shy away from higher, or extra, coverage options, it's really not much more expensive. And, depending on what you're paying for insurance at the moment, you may be able to get better coverage for the same price when you compare insurance policies online at the Affordable Insurance Store website. It takes just a few minutes to input your information and wait for your personalized list of nationally known and trusted insurance companies that cover the St. Cloud, Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida areas.

Once you've got a list of policy quotes, you can compare them to find out which one offers you the best coverage for your needs and budget. Working with an independent agency like Affordable Insurance Store, you'll get unbiased advice since we're here to help you find an insurance policy that's right for you, and not sell coverage from a single insurance company. You shop around for the best prices on fuel, shoes and movie tickets, so why not shop around for insurance?

If you're in the Kissimmee, St. Cloud or Orlando area, contact us at your local independent agency, the Affordable Insurance Store today. Besides helping you get multiple quotes for a new auto insurance policy, we can help you understand the policies, answer any questions you have and we'll assist you in the claims process should you need to file one.